“The opportunities in the central Ohio construction industry have served both Dynalectric and our employees very well. We want to invest back in our industry to ensure that it remains strong. The BXF gives us an opportunity to impact the direction and quality of our success through its focus areas. We must keep the soil of our current success fertile, so we continue good harvests in the future. After all, we intend to be here for a long time.”

— Gene Belew, president (Retired)

Pictured above: Gene Belew (center) and the team from Dynalectric Co.

Dynalectric Company of Ohio

Company Description:

Electrical construction and maintenance switchgear services, data and fiber networks.

Year Founded; by whom:

1979, in Columbus

Historical Tidbit:

Dynalectric was the only contractor in the U.S. to perform electrical and high-voltage work in two arenas, back to back, in the same city: Schottenstein Center and Nationwide Arena.

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