“I think the greatest service the BX could render is to enhance the image of the industry. If we can present the reality instead of the stereotype of the construction worker and the construction company, our ability to attract and retain top talent will be enhanced.

It is my hope the Builders Exchange Foundation will be able to influence this and to facilitate our recruitment of new entries into the construction industry. Specifically, with the age of the average construction worker being 47 years old, we need to attract young people to our industry to provide the continuity that our companies require.”

— Kurt Schmitt, president

Shown above are Lincoln Construction, Inc. executives (left to right): James Kaparos, Kenneth Lanka, Kurt Schmitt, Cliff Purvis and Bruce Dew.

Lincoln Construction, Inc.

Company Description:

General contracting firm.

Year Founded; by whom:

1971; Bob George and Max Holzer

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