“We are committed to making a difference in our industry and to giving forward. We believe expanded education opportunities through the BXF is the key to improving our industry as a whole, internally and externally.”

— R. Gabe Reitter II, president

Reitter Wall Systems, Inc. shown above (left to right): Kurt Smith, Gabe Reitter, Alicia Pichardo, Brett Hoerig and John Gilbreath

Reitter Wall Systems, Inc. (now G III Reitter Walls LLC)

Company Description:

Distribution and application of stucco, synthetic stucco and stone products, including the manufacturing of cultured stone.

Year Founded; by whom:

1991; R. Gabe Reitter, II

Historical Tidbits:

Gabe Reitter, Gabe’s great-grandfather, started in the stucco business in 1910.

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