“The Builders Exchange Foundation provides us an opportunity to “pay forward” and help secure our industry’s leadership role into the future. No other single industry has shaped Columbus like construction has in the past 30 years, yet we compete daily for the talent to hold that position. The Foundation is an excellent means to promote our industry, enhance our image and attract the next generation of leaders. Because of its diverse membership and the respect and confidence that its programs have earned, the BX is ideally suited to spearhead this effort. We join other BX firms in putting our hand to the plow.”

— Wm. Brian Burgett, president/CEO

Pictured above (from left to right) Brian Burgett, president and CEO, Tom Muraski, vice president Building Division, Ron Cochran, project executive.

Kokosing Construction Co., Inc. (now Kokosing Industrial, Inc.)

Company Description:

Projects including commercial and industrial buildings, underground sewer and water lines and highway construction.

Year Founded; by whom:

1951; William B. Burgett

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